GP Ratings - For Gps
Improve patient experience and build trust to demonstrate a commitment to excellence in healthcare.

Simply Monitor your GP's progress.

Manage and identify the areas of improvement for your practice to maintain your online reputation and provide more effective care by gaining valuable insights into your patient's needs and preferences.

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GP Ratings - For Gps

Digitising Review & Rating Collection for your GP with
standing and wall mounted kiosk for all patients to share their experiences.

  • Supports to streamline the process of review collection, save time, and reduce administrative cost.
  • Helps to increase patient engagement by allowing easy access to leave feedback and provide input on their care.
  • Allows access to verified real-time reviews with promptly collected information supporting your GP services to deliver more patient-centred care that is tailored to the needs of the patients.
  • Monitoring online reputation and quickly responding to negative reviews is vital to show you care about all concerns.
  • The data collection of feedback helps your GP to identify areas for improvement and make changes that can improve patient experience.
  • Builds trust serving as a form of social proof of the quality of care in your practice available to your patients, allowing patients to choose their provider with confidence.
  • Increases transparency and accountability by publicly shared verified patient experiences.

Grow your practice and build trust using patient feedback channels of SMS / Email invitations, use bulk upload tool to reach larger patient audience to collect reviews.

Interact with your patients by replying to ratings manually or by creating a response template that can automatically reply to patient, based on the rating given. Utilise technology to satisfy patient expectations and promote your practice for top regional ratings.

Use KPI section to identify the departments or services that needs improving with the help of machine learning technology built on Amazon Web Services providing recommendations.

Our platform provides Restful API endpoint to integrate with your existing booking application that increases patient review collection seamlessly.

Place digital widgets on your web applications without any technical knowledge or use printed widgets of appointment cards and A4 posters are customised with a QR code directly linked to your profile for ease of access by patients to review and rate your services.

We feed the search engines to provide data that can be displayed on the results when patients search for your GP.

Send invitation to your patients by filling a quick form on the dashboard.

Use batch invitations allowing your admin to send multiple invitations with one file upload, requires no special technical knowledge.

Create unlimited users and provide permissions to limit the user to access any section of the dashboard.

Remind your patients to review your services by sending email invitations and utilise out of time patient responses that can increase collection of verified ratings for your practice.

Send SMS invitations to invite your patients promptly after their visit to the practice for collecting in time and verified reviews.

We are the only platform in the UK for collecting ratings and reviews for GPs therefore we provide automatic feedback to government agencies, commissions and all regulatory services upon request.

Increase your reputation with
verified & trusted patient reviews.

Machine Learning Powered Recommendations

We use different algorithms based on your patient ratings to provide machine learning recommendations on Amazon Web Services.