About GP Ratings

GP Ratings is the platform where patients can review the services provided by their practice. We have been established in 2023 with a long-term search and development on the regulatory indicators of services provided by the practices in the UK and the value of feedback with their effects on the improvements of the standards of care. A published experience can improve health and care services for everyone, public participation and making your voice heard is our mission for better care and improved standards in healthcare.

General practices have a very significant role in our health system in the UK, most of the population relies on the services provided by their GP to monitor & maintain their well-being. Using digital methods to interact with patients is evolving to have better direct contact with the community accessing the services and their families, concerns with areas to improve are evaluated with transparent assessments available for the public to view.

Gathering people’s experiences of care and contacting the provider is one of the most important indicators for compliance checks and this is where GP Ratings Platform provides light on the quality of service in a practice. NHS Trusts are responsible for assuring the services provided by practices are adequate at a minimum level for safety, effectiveness, care, responsiveness and management.

Every rating can be considered as feedback from people using the services, the platform provides national data for all ratings of GPs and this is very valuable information for practices to collect and provide the effective quality of their services. We also provide the GPs with a chance to listen to people's stories to understand what needs to change, improve and interact with their patients and their families.